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Equipping you with the Tools for Success

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Image by Richard T

Facility Design & Review

​Our methods are based on an analysis of a client’s needs and the target end product. We use our range of experience from indoor, greenhouse and outdoor projects to develop solutions that are based on the most efficient and optimised methods for cannabis cultivation for a specific situation. We aim to provide a transparent discussion of all available options and prevent our clients from committing some of the classic mistakes made in the industry during this critical design stage.

Business Plan

Production Documentation & Planning

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a cornerstone of lean manufacturing and achieving consistent results. Years of experience with EU governing bodies including Infarmed as well as proven results from the implementation of our SOPs in multiple facilities, allow us to draft concise, clear, and compliant EU GACP and GMP documentation. Production planning will ensure your operation gets off to the well organised and focused start that defines an efficient operation characterised by reduced downtime and optimal production flows.

Business Plan
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Cultivation Training

As the industry continues to develop in Europe, we are well placed to offer an accelerated training programme aimed at ensuring teams are equipped with fundamental cannabis horticultural principles. We aim to train staff on the theoretical principles of commercial cannabis cultivation and provide them with the practical skills that are paramount for successfully working with this crop and troubleshooting common issues. Expert training prevents the misdirection of time, funds and resources and ensures you get the best out of your facility and staff. 

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