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Our Work

Confidentiality is a hallmark of many emerging and lucrative industries and one we as cannabis consultants take seriously. Although many of the specifics of our projects are protected by non-disclosure agreements we can provide short summaries of some of our work to demonstrate our relevant skills and expertise in the medical cannabis field.



Outdoor Organic Cultivation

Design of organic living soil blends, sourcing organic soil amendments, structuring an effective integrated pest management (IPM) programme, brewing compost teas, implementing Korean Natural Farming methods. Selection of male plants for breeding trials.


Greenhouse Organic Light-Deprivation

Design and construction of light-deprivation greenhouses. 20l organic soil pots and high and low-stress training methods for homogenous 0.5-acre total canopy. Compost tea brewing and organic IPM programme. Harvest planning, management and coordination. Dry room construction and drying and curing management.



Indoor Rockwool EU GMP  

High-density indoor recirculating hydroponics set-up with HPS lights. Training of novice team in cannabis horticulture fundamentals, mother plant maintenance and cloning, vegetative and flowering plant care and plant harvest. Training of GMP operators in trimming, drying, and curing.


EU GMP Glasshouse Review and SOP Drafting

Pre-license and pre-construction phase. Reviewed glasshouse plans, organisation chart, workflows and equipment and consumables recommendations. Drafted all cultivation SOPs and additional work instructions, record forms, and logs. Sourced tissue culture genetics for import into Portugal.

Image by Richard T


Image by Roberto Valdivia

Genetics Nursery
Business Development & Documentation

Advised on the business plan for a clone nursery offering the first services of its kind in Portugal. Coordinated with tissue culture suppliers to screen and source eligible cultivar stock. Drafted SOPs and work instructions. Advised on equipment and facility design. Developed solutions for packaging. Trained staff in essential cultivation skills. 


EU GACP Indoor Rockwool
Propagation Troubleshooting

Assessed the procedures employed for care and maintenance of mother plants and those for propagation through cloning and care and maintenance of clones. Delivered training aimed at reducing mortality rates and increasing cloning success rate. Recommended improvement of procedures based on proven industry-standard techniques and equipment to improve hygiene and sanitisation methods. The cloning success rate improved from the first application of improved methods.

Image by Nick Harsell
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