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Image by Elsa Olofsson

How We Work

Knowing when to hire a cannabis consultant can be a confusing decision. The earlier you contract our skills and expertise the more likely your project is to avoid some of the classic pitfalls of the industry. However, it's never too late to get additional help and troubleshooting during commercial production is where we really shine.

Image by Elsa Olofsson

The Consultation Process

Common Pitfalls

We often hear the same grievances from our clients many of whom are working with cannabis for the first time. 

 Our site visits to facilities in Europe and beyond show the same mistakes are repeated in many companies where staff are learning on the job.

The slideshow below highlights some of the most common areas for troubleshooting and where our consultants can make a difference to your success.

Low Yields & Low Potency

One of the main goals for any successful facility in the medical cannabis space is the production of large quantities of high potency testing flowers. This can be more difficult to achieve especially in greenhouses and outdoor scenarios. A number of factors can impact your facility's ability to hit targets and the sooner you rectify these the sooner your path to commercial success. 

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